DCA Innovation

DCA Innovation



Addressing the challenges and strategies in attack surface
reduction with endpoint and networking integrated
solutions to protect business critical assets, optimise
operations and reduce IT costs. Combining Zero Trust
Security Strategies and the Assumed Breach Model
mindset, Blu5 solutions deliver increased granular
controls at the source before even granting access to your
organisation resources, while ensuring business continuity
even if your system is compromised.



Innovation Management tool and support to SALES able to increase the performance of a sales network and not only by introducing elements of motivation and competitiveness among the players. Combines the innovative gamification techniques with data analysis tools and motivation techniques within an evolved & user-friendly software platform

Sara la chatbot

Sara - the chatbot

The virtual assistant, chatBot, which allows you to consult open data and datawarehouse and Explain, Help, Reply and Update with a natural language without the need for programs or technical skills. It is not necessary to learn new functions but it is the chatBot that learns.


Web Application

Innovative and efficient applications designed to support processes, UX and UI Design for stakeholders and clients in Corporate environments (Progressive WebApp, Corporate Dashboard, etc.)

In 2015 the DCA Innovation division was born, also as a software and design development area in order to support the customer journey of principals and consumers in an era of great transformation and digital innovation. Innovation through Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and Growth Hacking , require complex architectures in change management and human resources and see rewrite the customer journey with specific support technologies. DCA Innovation identifies Gamification, the use of chatbot and the centrality of modern web applications & mobile apps, the most important tools of support to innovation management.